Chinese current affairs producer Tiffany Goh (CS’16) knew little to nothing about Serangoon Gardens when she first started working on the documentary about French expatriate families. But after two weeks of exploring the area and another two of filming, Goh now knows the estate at the back of her hand. 

Putting Stories Into Motion

From telling stories through images as a photojournalist to weaving them within award-winning documentaries as a TV producer, Tiffany Goh (CS’16) is always on the lookout for a compelling tale to tell.


Passionate about writing since his university days, Dr Ng King Kang (MMC’98) has gone on to make waves in the journalism, literary, and song-writing scenes. PHOTO: TAN ANNE ZENN

Conquering The Literary World

Dr Ng King Kang (MMC’98) wears many hats. Besides his full-time job as a journalist at Lianhe Zaobao, he has authored 21 books and penned hundreds of Chinese songs for renowned singers like Andy Lau.

Arts & Culture

Producer Bambby Cheuk (left) and Director Jessica Heng (right) collaborated on a film that started their creative journey—their Final Year Project Baby Boy (2020). 

Creative Partners in Film

Filmmakers Bambby Cheuk (CS’20) and Jessica Heng (CS’20) walk us through their creative processes and the fruitful partnership that emerged from their university days.

Campus Notes

The team was hired to produce a TikTok web series for Pizza Hut earlier this April, marking the brand’s launch on the platform.

Your Slice of TikTok

Students Gerald Tan, Shannon Tiong, Nicolette Wee, Lim Bi Hui and Brina Li (all CS’23) were hired to produce a web series for Pizza Hut’s TikTok account after pitching it as a campaign as part of a coursework assignment.

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