Pang Xue Qiang

Year CS'17:

Did you know that in the 70s, Singapore banned men from having long hair? Such quirky local laws are some of the fun facts Pang Xue Qiang (CS'17), co-founder and editor of Meantime Magazine, wants his readers to know. 

Published annually, the independent magazine documents Singaporean stories lost to time through feature stories and photo essays. Xue Qiang says he and his team want to provide fresh perspectives on local historical events and people.

“We talk about events such as the Japanese Occupation, or cover communities that no longer exist, like the “Orang Laut”,” he said. 

After nearly two years of researching, interviewing newsmakers and refining their concept, their first issue about love stories was published in 2019.  

While the team intended for the issue to be a stand-alone publication, support from readers encouraged them to turn it into an annual magazine. Their latest issue about funny stories was published in October.

“We received the feedback for it and saw that it was viable to create a next issue. During the process, we also found the inspiration and ideas to do next,” he said. 

Reflecting on his journey, Xue Qiang hopes more Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information students and alumni will pursue their passion projects and discover new audiences.

“Develop an inner curiosity for life and if you have a desire to express something within yourself, I hope you can create an avenue and platform to do so,” he said.