Nerissa Lee

Year CS'18:

Nerissa Lee (CS’18) first found herself drawn to Korean culture when K-pop began gaining global traction in 2008. But it was not until she took WKWSCI modules such as CS4160: The Korean Wave and CS4054: Asian Cinema that she developed a deeper interest in Korean dramas.
That interest eventually led her to become a creative producer at The Swoon - a Netflix editorial for Korean shows under the marketing and advertising agency, Edisen. There, Nerissa manages, produces and ideates for the account’s Instagram content.
She said: “It’s very unique when you tell people you watch Korean dramas for a living. I’m creating content for people just like me, and it’s fun to work with a team who share the same insider knowledge and interest as you.”
Having seen The Swoon’s Instagram account grow from 20,000 followers to over 850,000 followers over one and a half years, part of Nerissa’s job is to build the online community and spark conversations among Korean drama fans globally.
“It’s a very niche and committed audience that we have. So it’s really about understanding the fan culture and learning how to talk and keep up with them,” she said.
While she is not required to be proficient in the Korean language, Nerissa decided to take formal Korean lessons in January this year. As she becomes more fluent in Korean, she looks forward to being of more service to her clients and communicating better with her Korean counterparts.