Marcus Yong

Year CS'12:

Marcus Yong (CS’12) has always had a keen interest in marketing and storytelling but it wasn’t until his internship when he truly fell in love with the aspects of digital marketing. 

Whilst a student at WKWSCI, Marcus completed a six-month stint at XM Asia, an advertising agency. It was there that he was introduced to the aspect of social media, performance marketing and site analytics. 

Since then, the WKWSCI alumnus has helped voluntary welfare organisation I Love Children and low-cost airline Scoot, amongst others, with their social media and marketing efforts. 

In 2018, Marcus joined Klook, a travel activities and services booking platform, and was recently appointed as Head of Marketing for Southeast Asia. One of Marcus' first events at Klook was the company’s 2019 Travel Fest. Launched as a mobile-led event, it drew more than 150,000 attendees and had media coverage from various media platforms including The Straits Times

Marcus fondly recalls his time in WKWSCI, which created a competitive yet healthy environment for him to hone his skills alongside like-minded, passionate schoolmates. One of his favourite modules was Creative Strategies, which trained him to brainstorm and pitch creative campaign ideas weekly. 

But beyond the lessons in school, Marcus shared that he attained something invaluable — the people and the network forged during his four years in WKWSCI.