Louisa Tang

Year CS'17:

Louisa Tang (CS’17) is a reporter for TODAY, where she covers crime and courts news. Louisa has always been interested in the psychology of crime and understanding criminal behaviour.

“I’ve always been drawn to [the topic of] crime. I’m interested in why people do what they do. It’s not all rape and murder though, sometimes it’s really funny, like there was this guy who stole a basin tap from a police station and put it in his own home,” she said.

Louisa also writes for TODAY’s commentary section “Gen-Y Speaks”. She previously opened up about her depression and how she dealt with her best friend’s passing — which happened a month before she started her full-time job at TODAY in 2017. Her bosses who were aware of it, asked if she wanted to share her story for Mental Health Awareness week.

Louisa said: “I thought really long about it and I really didn’t want to at first but then I thought, if it could help someone who’s going through the same thing, why not?”

She subsequently received great feedback and support for the commentary, and wrote another story on mental health the following year.