Lee Yoo Jin

Year CS'21:

Lee Yoo Jin (CS '21) has been a radio producer with The Muttons in the Morning on Class 95 FM since her final year at the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information. Besides working behind the scenes by planning show segments and arranging guest appearances, she also joins Justin Ang and Vernon A., the duo behind The Muttons, on air every weekday. As the radio show’s young and trendy personality, she shares Hollywood and global headlines, weird and funny stories from around the world and teaches the Generation X hosts zoomer slang.
Once a professional emcee with NTU CAC’s Emcee Club, Yoo Jin says her experiences shaped her love for hosting, but feels that radio is a different ballgame. “Radio is like theatre in the mind,” Vernon would often remind her—she immensely respects radio presenters who can host despite not knowing how their audience is reacting, and looks up to The Muttons as her mentors.

Yoo Jin credits the well-connected alumni community for providing opportunities for her to blossom in broadcasting. During her final year, she spoke at a WKWSCI alumni event where she connected with a senior who introduced her to her current job. 

She advises WKWSCI students to get out of their comfort zone and reach out to others if they wish to learn more about the media industry. “Don't be shy,” she said.