Lee Khaiyan

Year CS'09:

Lee Khaiyan (CS’09) is a Corporate and Marketing Communications Manager at the Changi Airport Group. She joined the company in 2016 and is part of the team that oversees communications and marketing to Chinese travellers.
The global pandemic and local travel restrictions posed a challenge to her team at the Changi Airport Group, Khaiyan said.
“COVID-19 has changed how we do things internally. Policies were fast changing, and we had to ensure that we keep our communication assets we have for Chinese travellers accurate and up to date such as via Weibo and WeChat,” she said.

Before she embarked on her current marketing communications role, Khaiyan was a television journalist at Mediacorp.

During her time there, she had the opportunity to do a live telecast during the 2016 National Day Parade. She said that she was always fascinated by the grandiosity of National Day celebrations as a child.

“There are so many things in my career that I’m proud of, but covering the National Day Parade relates back to fulfilling my childhood dream,” she said.

Khaiyan fondly recalled taking the CS2063: Short Overseas Journalism Practicum.

“It was a very memorable programme for me. We managed to visit the European Union headquarters in Brussels, finding out about how they worked behind the scenes,” she said.

“I believe these experiences shaped me into where I am today.”