Kevin Wee

Year CS'19:

Kevin Wee (CS’19) is an entrepreneur, YouTuber, and podcaster. In 2019, the 26-year-old founded Rebound with Resilience, a social enterprise and training provider for schools advocating for positive mental health in students.

Rebound with Resilience was first started as Kevin’s final year project in the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information when his group decided to do a campaign centered around mental health.

Having suffered from depression and mania for nearly a year when he was 18 years old, Kevin said that it was a natural decision to work on the project full-time after graduation as one of his career goals was to own a social enterprise for mental health.

“I’ve always wanted to work on something mental health-related of my own after graduation,” he said.

Currently, Kevin provides training in schools focused on building resilience and awareness of mental health while producing podcasts about mental health. He also regularly uploads videos on YouTube and TikTok to complement his offline training programmes.

In July this year, Kevin set out to raise $10,000 for the Singapore Association for Mental Health by walking the coast-to-coast trail across Singapore. He filmed a YouTube video to document the walk and conducted street interviews about mental health to raise awareness. Within two months, Kevin achieved his target. 

When asked about his future plans, Kevin said he aims for Rebound with Resilience to have an online platform people can turn to after his training sessions in schools.