Jeremy Koh

Year CS'05:

A senior editor at CNA's international desk, Jeremy Koh (CS’05) currently oversees their news coverage of China and Hong Kong.

Jeremy, 41, had the opportunity to cover United States Vice-President Kamala Harris’ visit to Singapore in August this year.

As CNA’s Beijing correspondent from 2015 to 2017, Jeremy covered several North Korea related stories along the China-North Korea border.

"Trips to Pyongyang are highly choreographed, and we're only shown what the government wants us to see, but along the border, we can catch a glimpse of what life in North Korea is like outside its showcase capital,” he said.

Another major news event that he covered was the Sri Lanka Easter bombings in 2019.

“We were barely 200 metres away when the bomb detonated while the police were trying to defuse it. You could really feel the heat of the explosion,” Jeremy recalled.

With over a decade’s worth of industry experience, Jeremy’s advice for budding journalists is to “keep on your toes as you're only as good as your last story”.

Be prepared for a more competitive and fragmented media industry due to social media, he added.

Jeremy is currently planning the coverage of the 2022 Winter Olympics, held in Beijing next February.