​Sheere Ng

Year CS'09:

​Sheere Ng (CS’09) is a food writer, author, and co-founder of writing studio In Plain Words.
She had initially planned to pursue the public relations track in WKWSCI, but pivoted to journalism after interning at Nepali Times for six months and taking more news writing modules in school. 
Her foray into food writing only began after graduation when she realised it was more than just food reviews and recipes.
“My eyes were opened to a different kind of writing when I came across newer food magazines. They were using food to talk about the culture of immigrants in the United Kingdom,” she said.
“I discovered that food could be a lens to discover many other subjects, issues and topics. That really interested me.”
With the idea to write about prison food back in 2011, the former Makansutra food-guide editor decided to do a Masters in food studies at Boston University, before revisiting the idea in 2017. 
Published last year, the book titled “When Cooking was a Crime” offers a glimpse into illegal prison cooking in Singapore and features the experiences of eight former inmates.
While Sheere is undecided on her next personal project, she is optimistic about what is to come.
She said: “Every story is a different job, and it never gets boring because you're always learning new things. So it would be worth it if at least one person’s perspective can change or learn something from my writing.”