Pose of a Warrior

Yoga and fitness instructor Lim Lishan (CS’16) finds passion in educating others on the ways of wellness.

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Yoga and fitness instructor Lim Lishan (CS’16) finds fulfilment in educating others on the ways of wellness. 

After graduating from the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, Lim Lishan (CS’16) chose to embark on a path different from many of her friends who took on corporate jobs—she became a full-time yoga instructor. 

Lim's journey with yoga began shortly after she entered WKWSCI. She obtained her teaching certification before her second semester as a sophomore. Thereafter, she started to teach yoga part-time.

In 2018, Lim was diagnosed with bulimia and bipolar disorder and she found that yoga improved her physical and mental health. “In city life, many people experience spiritual poverty. Yoga helps by offering the additional benefits of mental and emotional wellbeing that other workouts lack,” she said.

More people have started to incorporate wellness practices like yoga into their lives, as the activity has become accessible with the establishment of new fitness studios. On the growing culture of yoga in Singapore, Lim said, “In the past, yoga was something more mysterious, but now it's just another workout or exercise people can find as they hop around numerous boutique studios and big (fitness) studios.”