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A pioneering faculty in the communications school at Nanyang Technological University , Associate Professor Lee Chun Wah has been teaching here since 1992. 

Over the years, the school’s alumni has been making waves beyond Singapore, noted Prof Lee, who researches and teaches topics like advertising, business management, brand communications and public communications 

Prof Lee said he is deeply proud of how the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information has quickly grown into a world-renowned institution - recently ranked number 8 in the world for the study of Communication and Media Studies and topping the rankings within Asia.

"When we started off in the early 1990s, we had no clue as to how the school would evolve. We were very much unheard of, we were an insignificant dot. But with the help of many faculty colleagues, both past and present, we were able to move the school gradually up the rankings."