Remembering Wee Kim Wee's Legacy

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From his humble beginnings as a clerk at The Straits Times to a prolific journalist, diplomat and eventually Singapore’s fourth president, the late Wee Kim Wee led an outstanding life.

Since his passing in 2005, Wee continues to inspire. In 2006, the School of Communication and Information was officially named the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information in honour of his journalistic legacy. The Wee Kim Wee Legacy Fund was established in the same year to raise funds to sustain and strengthen WKWSCI.

On Nov. 4, WKWSCI held a tribute at the Lee Foundation Lecture Theatre to celebrate Wee’s 100th birthday and to commemorate his contributions to the nation. At the end of the ceremony, a portrait of him was unveiled by his daughter Wee Eng Hwa, who shared that “throughout his life, he believed in and fought for the dignity of man.”

The portrait will be displayed at WKWSCI to remind students, alumni and faculty of his values, humility, and love for journalism and people


“...looking back, I would not have wanted the slightest change if I have to live it all over again. Journalism has given me so much and more, allowing me to meet kings and emperors, famous Hollywood actors and actresses, taxi drivers and sweet potato sellers. This moulded me into a diplomat without any training and prepared me for the duties of Head of State that I performed without difficulty.” — Former Singapore President the late Wee Kim Wee