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Serena Ng (CS’00) and Liza Lin (CS’06) were former editors of the Nanyang Chronicle. Today, they hold jobs at the Wall Street Journal.

On a recent campus visit to the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information in March, Serena and Liza spoke to senior journalism students about how their journeys did not begin the way they had envisioned.

For Serena, the thought of becoming a financial journalist had never crossed her mind, but her dream of moving abroad propelled her to step out of her comfort zone, dabble in new areas and learn new things. Today, she is the Journal’s Asia Finance Editor, and is based in Hong Kong.

Liza had always wanted to be a print journalist, but the 2006 financial crisis saw local print media outlets close their doors to new hires. She ended up applying for an internship at Bloomberg Television, where she was offered a full time position and got the chance to learn firsthand from industry veterans. She subsequently went on to do investigative stories, which have earned her a Loeb award and a Society of Publishers Asia award in 2018. Today, Liza is based in Singapore as a reporter for the Journal, and is currently on a book leave till September. 

“If you have a goal in mind, keep working towards it even if the path doesn't look easy or straightforward in the beginning,” said Serena, as the two alumni hope to inspire fellow WKWSCI students and graduates to do the same.