Yeo Tze Hern

Year CS'18:

When Yeo Tze Hern joined the 22nd Communications & Information Club back in his first year, he had expected it to leave him with fond memories of the school.

What he did not expect was how instrumental his role as the marketing communications secretary would be in landing his first job as a content specialist at BLKJ, an independent creative marketing agency with several established clients such as Go-Jek and SPCA.

Tze Hern fondly recalls the times he spent planning for school events and producing the necessary publicity materials with his friends during his time in the CI Club.

“I forged a lot of friendships - with both my committee members and peers. This provided me with a strong support system that in turn fuelled my creativity,” he said.

According to Tze Hern, it was his time in the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information that prepared him for a career in video production.

“The school instilled a sense of intellectual curiosity and discipline that allows us to seamlessly integrate into any role we take up in the media industry,” he said.

Apart from his day job, he also manages a YouTube channel where he uploads his own creative content. One of his videos, about Singlish Ikea Puns, went viral - attaining 12,000 views over the span of only three days and bringing his name to the news.

And while coming up with creative content may not always be easy, Tze Hern enjoys the challenge of satisfying both his clients and fans.

“More often than not, this can be difficult to achieve but it's a challenge that makes the job all the more fun,” he said.