Soon Li Ling

Year CS'00:

Soon Li Ling is the owner and chief yogi of Kate Porter Yoga Studio, located in Marine Parade.

The door to the world of yoga first opened for Li Ling when she was 24, upon graduation from the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information. She saw yoga as a wellness routine to stretch her muscles after netball sessions, as she played netball regularly with her friends during the early years of her career.

Prior to her decision to pursue yoga as a full time career, Li Ling had made a name for herself as the Head of Executive Communications in companies from both the public and private sectors.

Li Ling worked in the communications team at the Singapore Economic Development Board for five years. She then went abroad for a year and obtained a Master’s degree in International Relations from the University of Sheffield in 2006.

The spontaneous decision to take up a yoga teacher training course while working full-time at Standard Chartered led to a change in her career path in 2012. She taught yoga on a freelance basis for three years, before joining the Kate Porter Yoga studio in 2015.

“It’s a job with more power and responsibility than you can imagine. I am very honoured to be in the position to help them to feel good about themselves, both physically and mentally,” she said.

Today, Li Ling puts the communication skills she honed in WKWSCI to good use as her job entails creating newsletters, publicity flyers and managing the studio’s website.

“Sometimes it’s a bit of luck and a bit of timing. But when both are offered to you, you have to put in the hard work yourself,” she said.