Russell Chan

Year CS'16:

Working in the film-making and video production industry since his graduation in 2016, Russell Chan has tried his hand at various types of productions: long-form network TV, including documentaries for CNA and National Geographic, variety shows, commercials, and web content.

Being in this line of work, Russell, the co-founder of production house The Hummingbird Co, said he is used to facing unexpected challenges on the job.

“I’ve found myself at the bottom of an underground bunker in Changi, flooded up to chest level. I’ve also found myself running through forests lifting 40kg of equipment on multiple occasions,” he said.

Now a freelancer, Russell recalled his time in Myanmar for the Going Overseas For Advanced Reporting course in 2015 as his favourite memory at WKWSCI.

He shared that his team’s initial story idea fell through shortly after they reached their destination. It was a “soul-crushing experience”, he recalled. Nonetheless, they still managed to pull together a short documentary. Their final product, Call for Justice, was even selected to be included in the Sapporo International Short Film Festival.

“The biggest challenge to personal and professional growth is finding yourself too comfortable in a situation,” Russell said. “Never be complacent, always be self-aware.”