Rita Zahara

Year MMC'04:

Rita Zahara was already an established media personality when she started venturing into the field of entrepreneurship. For the former Channel NewsAsia journalist, she feels that doing business is an opportunity to do good.

“I don’t like to keep corporate social responsibility separate. Instead, I make sure it is part of my business model,” she said.

Rita, who is heavily involved in humanitarian work, runs RETA Social Enterprise, an organisation dedicated to continuing the community work of her late grandmother Che Zahara Noor Mohamed, a pioneering champion of women and children’s rights.

RETA Social Enterprise is just one part of her umbrella company, RETA Pte Ltd, an integrated transmedia company consisting of a mix of people from diverse-media related backgrounds. As chief executive officer, Rita also manages two other enterprises, Beehive Transmedia Incubator and Che Zahara’s Kitchen and Bakery.

Looking back, Rita recalls WKWSCI as the place where she met like-minded individuals.

“I got to meet other working professionals who were also making time for their academic pursuits.”