Nona Lim

Year CS'97:

Nona Lim belongs to the pioneer batch of students at the then-School of Communication and Information, and was also the first SCI club president. She recalls enjoying the small class sizes and the lively debates that occurred with her opinionated classmates.

After graduating, Nona has worked across the globe. Her first job in London was in management consulting in the technology industry.

She then moved to San Francisco with her husband, and in 2006, started an online meal-kit delivery program, which was also a food-based detox delivery program.

“I was inspired by my passion in food, as all Singaporeans are, and healthy eating especially as an athlete,” says the 41-year-old former national fencer.

Currently based in Oakland, California, her Nona Lim brand of food now sells gluten-free fresh soups, bone broths and noodles that are stocked in their nation-wide supermarket chains.