Ng Jing Yng

Year CS'09:

When Ng Jing Yng ran into several difficulties while working on her Final Year Project feature on child adoption in Singapore, she thought twice about pursuing journalism as a career. But within two days of submitting her FYP report, the “journalism bug bit again.”

“(My FYP) was a really tedious process: sharpening story angles; making sure the stories are tight; sleepless nights,” says Jing Yng, now a senior reporter at TODAY. “I think my innate nature is to be a storyteller. It’s an integral part of my character, so it’s hard to change in that regard.”

“I will always remember till today, a story (I wrote) about a Singapore Management University graduate who was an ex-offender but made it good,” adds the 28-year-old, who was named MediaCorp’s Young Journalist of the Year two years ago. “I think journalism still impacts people, and it is heartening to be part of that value chain.”