Melanie Lee

Year CS'02:

Melanie Lee is the co-author of “Quiet Journeys: Finding Stillness in Chaos,” and author of “Imaginary Friends” and “The Adventures of Squirky the Alien” — a children’s book series on adoption which won the Crystal Kite Award 2016 and Second Prize at the Samsung KidsTime Authors’ Award 2016.

Apart from her book projects, Melanie is a freelance writer for various arts and lifestyle magazines such as “Travel + Leisure (Southeast Asia)” and “The A-List.” The 37-year-old also lectures at the Singapore Institute of Management University, where she finds meaning in teaching writing and communication subjects.

“Because I like writing, I like trying to help people enjoy writing,” said Melanie.

She shared that it was during her memorable exchange at the University of Missouri as a second-year-student at WKWSCI that she fell in love with journalism.

It was there that she was exposed to immersive journalism — a discipline that required writers to talk with the townspeople and experience their life to gain first-hand experience.

“It forced me to interact with people out of my reality, and you find out so much more,” she said.