Marcus Goh

Year CS'07:

For the past decade, Marcus Goh (CS’07) has been the man behind the scripts for Mediacorp shows such as Incredible Tales, Point of Entry and Police & Thief.

When he first joined the national broadcaster in 2007, he worked as a researcher ad fact-checker for docudrama. He became a scriptwriter after realising that he enjoyed the process of giving depth to the characters and modelling them after people he knew. This year, he is working with the police to adapt closed cases for the television series Crime Watch.

On top of scriptwriting, Goh also teaches English enrichment classes to primary and secondary school students. He feels that sharing his first-hand experience as a writer would help students craft better essays.

One of his favourite memories in the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information was the annual freshman camp. He recalled the enthusiasm and sparkle in the freshmen’s eyes when he visited the camps as an alumni. It was something he did not notice as a student participating in the camps before.

The realities of work and office politics get to people when they step into the workforce, said Goh.

“You lose a little bit of that spark, that sort of shine, in your eyes,” he said.

“It’s always been a joy to see that in communication studies students. That shine, that sparkle, that you can do anything and everything is open to you.”