Kenji Kwok

Year CS'16:

Freelance photographer Kenji Kwok has known since his pre-university days that he would be pursuing a career in documentary photography. 

“Being a freelance photographer allows me to work on personal projects that I believe in, from which I can derive job satisfaction,” he said.

One project that stood out for Kenji was a recent assignment for The Architectural Review magazine, where he documented the Masjid Al-Islah mosque.

“I found myself in the midst of Muslims during their Friday prayers. It broke many misconceptions we might have about entering places of worship in Singapore,” he said.

While at WKWSCI, Kenji completed his professional internship as a photojournalist at the Nepali Times, which bagged him the John Cheung Overseas Attachment award. 

He also took on dual roles as managing and photo editor for The Nanyang Chronicle while working on his final year project.

“WKWSCI offers a good variety of modules that forces you out of your comfort zone,” said Kenji, who also takes on wedding photography assignments. 

“You also get to collaborate with your coursemates, who are some of the most brilliant people who will be leading in the industry in the future.”