Kai Cheong

Year CS'06:

More than a decade after graduating from the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, Kai Cheong still recalls the school culture that nurtured him into an open-minded and inquisitive person.

This sparked his interest to join Intuitive Films, a full-service local video production house established in 2007.

Cheong’s venture into what he calls the “hardship tour” of a production house began when he was doing his Professional Internship at The Right Angle Media in his third year.

His current creative director at Intuitive approached him for a freelance job to revamp the National Museum of Singapore after his graduation, and that kick started the birth of Intuitive.

Cheong now assumes the role of a Producer-Editor, also known as Preditor, where he is primarily involved in delegating project leads and managing clients. Despite his love for editing, he had to shift his focus to the development of the company, when he became a partner.

“I needed to take myself out of that comfort zone and reconfigure my responsibilities,” Cheong said.

Being part of a small team of eight also meant that he had to learn a lot of things on the job such as handling both production and human resources.

As he began overseeing the company more, the lessons he learnt in university from other specialisations such as PR and journalism became relevant to his job.

“It’s only after a few years into my career that I truly realise and appreciate the true value of my education at WKWSCI,” said Cheong.