Jason Khor

Year CS'11:

After spending almost four years at construction steel company NatSteel as part of their two-member corporate communications team, Jason Khor went on to start InCider, a start-up that caters premium beverages to parties and events.

“There's a move towards cosy gatherings with DIY, create-your-own-theme parties,” he shares. “So we developed this delivery service for beverages and increasingly hope to come up with party packages where you get an array of drinks to try at a party, and other party items along with it.”

The 29-year-old fondly remembers his time as an orientation group leader at WKWSCI’s freshmen orientation camp, where he played a key role in giving the freshmen “a nasty surprise.”

He currently balances the management of InCider’s social media presence with teaching secondary school students tuition so as to chase his dreams of dabbling in writing and hosting.