Jasmine Ng

Year CS'13:

For Jasmine Ng (CS’13), the adrenaline from breaking a news story is what she loves about her job as an energy editor at Bloomberg.

The 29-year-old has been working for the privately-held media company since she graduated from Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information as a journalism major. In her earlier years, Jasmine has done different beat reporting on stocks, economy and transportation before she becoming the energy editor in March 2018.

Ever since she was 12, Jasmine has aspired to be a journalist. While her  experience in WKWSCI reaffirmed her decision, Jasmine also credits her professors. She reminisces the time when ex-lecturer of Business and Economics journalism, Thusitha de Silva, invited  Bloomberg’s then-bureau chief Linus Chua, to speak in class. This gave Jasmine the opportunity to meet Ms Chua, which proved to be beneficial when she went for an interview with Bloomberg. 

Being an editor has been a big transition for Jasmine. “It’s a steep learning curve,” she said. “The biggest change is having to develop an understanding of a broad range of topics and being able to see individual examples and connect the dots.” 

To Jasmine, business journalism is at the heart of every important news story. 

“An understanding of what drives companies, markets, economies, and governments help us make sense of the world,” she said.