Isaac Tan

Year CS'15:

Currently a copywriter  at creative company 72andSunny Singapore, Isaac Tan (CS’15) works with a team of creative entrepreneurs to conceptualise and execute marketing solutions for clients, which involves working on campaigns and print ads, for example.

For Tan, working in the advertising industry allows him to marry his love for creativity and writing. It was at the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information where he discovered how much he enjoyed “the creative process of thinking.” 

“I’ve always felt that most people today do more doing than actual thinking. Their jobs just require a rigour of routine,” said Tan. “But the creative industry demands difference. And that difference is exciting.” 

Reflecting on his schooling years, Tan said that he missed just about everything at school. “I especially miss chilling at the benches and speaking with everyone. It was a quirky kind of family,” he said.

Still, Tan’s fondest memory is of his Final Year Project experience. Together with four other friends, he co-created The Platform Creative, an online community for local start-ups to barter. While the project never got off the ground, Tan said that the lessons he gleaned through the process has shaped him and how he helps his clients today.

“Everyone is a work-in-progress and you never need to be defined by one thing,” said Tan. “Learn to fail fast in life and make all the mistakes you need to while time is on your side.”