Elizabeth Wu

Year CS'04:

Elizabeth Wu (CS’04) is the co-founder of Trehaus, the first co-working space in Singapore that boasts both adult and children-friendly facilities.

The 37-year-old wanted to create an environment that was conducive for parents to focus on their work while having their children around.

Her own motherhood experience was the inspiration behind Trehaus. A parent of three, Wu found herself being stretched thin as she juggled parenting with her previous job as a junior college lecturer.

“I was frantically running in and out of indoor playgrounds trying to write curriculum and plan lessons,” she said.

It was imperative that Wu had a space where she could be productive, yet have peace of mind knowing that her children were just nearby.

Prior to Trehaus, there was no such space that integrated work and play together, because both require different sets of operational expertise.

She pitched the idea to other like-minded mothers, and Trehaus was born in 2016.

Wu also started a personal parenting blog called Motherkao in 2012, where she documents her personal highs and lows of taking care of her children.

“It was cathartic to write about it, laugh at myself, beat myself up and at the same time commiserate with other moms online,” she said.

As writing remains a huge part of Wu’s life, she recalls fondly her time as a student in WKWSCI, where she found learning to be “thoroughly enjoyable and enriching.”

Dr Mark Cenite, who supervised her final-year project, impacted her the most.

Wu said: “His openness, sense of humour, subject knowledge on media law and his commitment to seeing four students complete their research project - these were all so inspiring and memorable.”