Daniel Lim

Year CS'18:

Daniel Lim (CS’18) joined NTUC Enterprise Co-operative Limited as the Management Associate and Product Owner in August 2018. The social enterprise is dedicated to strengthening social enterprises by addressing pressing social issues like health and eldercare.

Before joining NTUC Enterprise Co-operative Limited, Daniel worked as a Media & Project freelancer for MMI Group, an outdoor advertising and ad tech Small Medium Enterprise. 

During his time in WKWSCI, Daniel joined the main committee of WKW Engage Conference - Harnessing Technology in Communication as the Logistics Director. His role provided him with the opportunity to coordinate and liaise with external stakeholders, skill sets that proved to be useful in the workforce.  

During his Professional Internship semester, Daniel took up a Marketing Communications internship with Mediacorp, which gave him the opportunity to deepen industry connections.

He subsequently continued as a freelancer after his internship ended. 

Daniel also fondly recalls his semester-long exchange in Sweden three years ago. This was an eye-opening experience for him, as he got to experience first hand the importance of understanding and communicating in a culture that is entirely different.

A word of advice from Daniel?  “Learn to embrace challenges rather than avoid them,” he said. “It's how you grow.”