Chua Yuxuan

Year CS'15:

While working on his Final Year Project, Chua Yuxuan and his team approached SGAG for help in an effort to raise awareness for their campaign. This provided a stepping stone to join the core team.  

Today, Chua is the creative manager of Singapore’s largest humour network, which focuses on producing content targeted at Singaporeans. As creative manager, he oversees ideation, content creation, and execution across SGAG’s digital platforms, occasionally making appearances in videos.

“It’s easy to do organic, unsponsored stuff, because there aren’t any filters or boundaries,” he said.

Rather, the real challenge arises with sponsored projects, where there is a need to create a piece that is both relatable and entertaining, while also selling a message or product, Chua explained.

Nevertheless, the job certainly has it perks. Chua recalls an occasion where he got the opportunity to travel to Lyon, France, as part of a Carlsberg Euro Cup campaign. “It was pretty sweet,” he quipped.

His best takeaway from the school? “Knowing people in the industry,” he said. “It helps to have contacts in the right place, at the right time.”