Charmaine Yap

Year CS'13:

Charmaine Yap is a director at Tripeaks Imagery, a local production company that specialises in landscape photography and time-lapse productions across the world.

The 26-year-old, who works together with her husband, travels to a multitude of countries — ranging from Norway to New Zealand — at least four times a year to produce content and lead photography tours.

Since graduating from WKWSCI, the former Broadcast & Cinema Studies major has been involved in the production of many short films. Her most memorable production, however, is still her Final Year Project “FOR YOU, I DANCE,” which was shortlisted for the Seattle National Film Festival for Talented Youth and Watersprite Film Festival in Cambridge in 2014.

Charmaine is currently collaborating with fellow WKWSCI alumni Abby Lai (CS’11), Russell Chan (CS’16) and Priscilla Low (CS’13) in a short film project for the National Institute of Education. She said that because of their shared history, executing the project was “a breeze.”

“When you have a lot of WKWSCI students working on a project, there seems to be an unspoken bond amidst all of us. The way we think and the way we do things is so similar.”

Looking back, Charmaine is thankful for her education in WKWSCI, which taught her how to pitch to clients and handle the “business aspect of things.” She shared that the skills picked up in advertising and public relations classes “really helped in production and running a company.”