Cameron Ng

Year CS'11:

For Cameron Ng (CS’11), coming up with wild, new ideas is what he does every day as a copywriter at public relations agency Edelman Singapore.

But Ng would not have landed this job he loves, if not for modules at the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, which he said introduced him to the advertising industry.

In his third year, Ng did an internship with AvenueOne as a copywriter, where he got his first look at the workings of an agency, from rushing to meet deadlines and working within budgets. And he never looked back.

“It opened my eyes to the possibilities of a career in the art of persuasion,” the 34-year-old said. “I learnt how to be creative even when my options are limited.”

Now, his work at Edelman involves working on creative campaigns to help his clients like Playstation market their products and services.

As a copywriter, Ng feels that the advertising industry is a challenging, yet fulfilling one to be in. While one has to “adapt and evolve to best suit clients’ needs,” he loves that he gets to persuade and influence people in the decisions they make everyday.

He said: “Advertising is a very powerful tool, and I’m glad I can be part of the process.”