Angela Cheong

Year CS'06:

Angela Cheong (CS’06) is the Chief Marketing Officer of Singapore-based fintech 4xLabs, where she leads the marketing and sales teams. 

Upon graduation, the broadcast major worked in public relations and communications for the first five years of her career. During that period, she also did several freelance gigs in video production. 

In 2011, Angela earned her Masters in Digital Marketing through a dual-campus programme spanning London and San Francisco at Hult International Business School. In 2012, she landed a job in San Francisco with marketing technology company Message Systems (now known as Sparkpost) where she scaled up digital and marketing programs. 

When she returned to Singapore in 2014, Angela took up the position of Marketing Manager at Evernote Asia Pacific before joining 4xLabs in March 2016.

Angela shared that her time at WKWSCI helped shape the direction of her career.

“I feel like WKWSCI provided a really great overview of key career paths in media and communications.,” Angela said. “The very practical and real world experience I acquired in classes, as well as my internship at Nickelodeon, really served to give me a leg up as I embarked on my actual career.”