Andrew Lim

Year CS'18:

A consumer insight analyst at market research agency Nielson, Andrew Lim (CS’18) provides clients with strategies and methods to reach out to target consumers effectively.

Working with a wide range of clients, from those in media and entertainment to those in the finance sector, Lim’s market research campaigns help companies improve their branding as well as boost customer satisfaction in their products and services.

Joining Nielsen was a natural progression for Lim, who did his six-month professional internship at the agency. It was during his internship when he deepened his interest in market research and insights.

“Once in a while we will come across some interesting insights and trends that force us to think out of the box and look at the world a little (differently),” he said.

He added that modules such as Audience Research Methods and Information Analytics, along with his final-year research project in WKWSCI, deepened his understanding of the various research methods available and prepared him well for the industry.

Lim’s advice for budding market researchers: to always remember to communicate the potential for market research for a firm’s growth to their clients.

“Currently, many clients and companies don’t often realise the full potential that research can provide for them. It’s then our responsibility to be advocates for good research.”