Abby Lai

Year CS'11:

A year after graduating from WKWSCI in 2011, Abby Lai ventured into showbusiness. The 28-year-old freelance actress has appeared in local television shows like “Crime Watch” and “Point of Entry.”

Abby’s interest in acting sparked after she took a drama module at the National Institute of Education. A recent career highlight was her supporting role in the Chinese musical “December Rains,” which was staged at the Esplanade Concert Hall last year.

Abby said that Broadcast & Cinema Studies modules in WKWSCI gave her an edge in her career as a performer. She is now always “very aware of lighting, camera angles framing and focus,” all of which are key elements in the delivery of a good performance.

Abby is currently rehearsing for “Lao Jiu: The Musical,” which is being staged by The Theatre Practice and will debut next year.