The WKWSCI Alumni Magazine covers the latest stories behind alumni, faculty and current students of the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information.

The magazine, published online biannually, offers readers a full multimedia experience through a compelling range of photos and videos.

In this issue, the stories encapsulate how the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information community has been #BreakingWaves – challenging status quos and pushing boundaries in an ever-changing world.

Nicole Fong, Lead Editor

Nicole is a third-year student and lead editor for the WKWSCI Alumni Magazine. While she was on exchange in Columbia, Missouri early this year, Nicole worked at Vox Magazine as a digital editor. Her short stint there inspired her to continue writing for magazines even when she returned to Singapore.

If Nicole isn’t studying or writing something for an assignment, she spends her free time reading and writing for her own newsletter, Nif Dishes. From topics about user and print design in the media industry to interviewing profiles, Nicole actively applies the skills she has learnt in WKWSCI to Nif Dishes. 

“Breaking Waves” to Nicole means being able to face the challenges that life throws you, and riding that wave even when it gets tough. Just as how a surfer swims towards the rough waters to catch that wave and surf effortlessly, Nicole aspires to be that strong #bosslady who will not back down in the face of adversity. 

Olyvia Lim, Editor

As a child, Olyvia saw herself as someone who would become a lawyer. However, a law debate during her junior college days made her realise that being a lawyer is not her cup of tea. 

In her late teens, she then decided to explore different professions, from being an audit intern to a Chinese tutor. The turning point for her came when she got the opportunity to be a part of the production of Kallos magazine in 2017. It was then she realised she wanted to be the voice for untold stories.

In August, Olyvia decided to start a photo essay series on her personal blog, titled Dusk to Dawn. This decision came after realising the lack of media coverage on the lives of medical shift workers. The series aims to shed light on their untold struggles. She hopes that this coverage will prompt the general public to better appreciate the medical shift workers of Singapore.

To Olyvia, “Breaking Waves” means stepping out of your comfort zone and always saying yes to opportunities for growth. 

Edwin Chan, Editor

A third-year journalism and broadcast major, Edwin loves to tell stories and create content. He decided to join the WKWSCI Alumni Magazine team as an editor to further that passion.

Prior to joining the Alumni Magazine team, Edwin was a lifestyle writer and editor at the Nanyang Chronicle. He has also directed a short documentary on professional wrestling in Singapore and another on the dying woodcarving trade. Today, he is a freelance video producer and has worked with local and regional brands. When he is not creating content, you will find him binge watching wrestling and mixed martial arts matches.

Edwin dreams of running his own lifestyle publication and production house in the future. Thus, this edition's theme, “Breaking Waves”, is extremely relatable and motivating for him in his journey of achieving his goals. To Edwin, "Breaking Waves" means to stand strong in the face of adversities and to push boundaries. 

Until he achieves his goals, Edwin does not intend on slowing down.

Chew Yi-Xinn, Writer

A third-year WKWSCI undergraduate with an itch for practical learning experiences, Yi-Xinn’s curiosity about production processes motivated her to join WKWSCI Alumni Magazine. 

Her passion for storytelling and her interest to explore the various aspects of written journalism prompted her to join the team as a writer. She aspires to become an investigative broadcast journalist in the future.

An adrenaline-junkie and adventurer, Yi-Xinn spends her free time exploring extreme sports or obscure hiking trails. Her latest venture to date is bouldering and climbing. Like every other year, she hopes to join the upcoming spartan race.

“Breaking Waves” makes her think of water, surfing and trusting herself, despite the falls that might come her way. It is a reminder that every experience begins with the courage to try and the determination to conquer. Recognising that her pace differs from others, “Breaking Waves” means being comfortable with her own speed and rejoicing in every breakthrough.

Denise Khng, Writer

Denise is a third-year student at WKWSCI who can be found trying just about anything. Her current passion projects include learning sign language, albeit with limited success so far.

Her desire to become well-versed in different forms of writing led her to join the WKWSCI Alumni Magazine team as a writer.

With a long-running passion for service, she aspires to work in the Communications department for a non-profit organisation upon graduation, to give back to the community.

Writing for the magazine has offered her new insights, which is in line with what she considers “Breaking Waves” to be all about — the willingness to move away from the status quo to venture into the new. 

Melissa Teo, Writer

A third-year journalism student, Melissa joined the WKWSCI Alumni Magazine to get a taste of working in a newsroom. 

To her, uncovering the backstories of successful alumni has been an enlightening experience.  

She wishes to be able to follow in the footsteps of WKWSCI alums, and use the school as a stepping stone to enter the competitive media landscape.

In the meantime, Melissa is enjoying her time in school a safe learning space that has encouraged her to push her limits and step out of her comfort zone. 

To Melissa, “Breaking Waves” means overcoming her personal limitations and being open to new possibilities. 

Kelvin Eng, Writer

Kelvin is a third-year English student pursuing a minor in Communication Studies. He joined the WKWSCI Alumni Magazine to broaden his experience with writing for different audiences and environments.

When Kelvin is not busy with school or freelancing as a writer for The Smart Local, he enjoys immersing himself in the vivid, colourful worlds of Role-Playing Games and Japanese Role-Playing Games. He also has a passion for physical fitness and enjoys hitting the gym at least three or four times a week.

Kelvin aspires to enter the media industry as a writer in the future. He recognises that having a flair for writing alone is not adequate, and intends to pick up other skills like photography and Adobe Photoshop.

To Kelvin, “Breaking Waves” is an image of release, symbolic of freeing oneself from the shackles of ennui and stagnation. 

Wun Yun Fang, Writer

A third-year student at WKWSCI, Yun Fang aspires to be a bilingual journalist in the future.

Prior to joining the WKWSCI Alumni Magazine, Yun Fang interned at and Shin Min Daily News, where she once scrambled to finish her article at a staircase before the deadline and fought her way through photographers to snap a photo of President Halimah during a press conference. 

Yun Fang’s passion for journalism stems from her interest in the human condition. Currently, she is fascinated by a form of theatre called forum theatre, where audience members get to replace actors on stage and change the course of the play. Yun Fang thinks it is interesting how people’s life experience is reflected in the way they play the character.

To her, "Breaking Waves" means not being afraid to break away from the norm if that means you can embrace the passion within you. 

Dion Sng, Writer

Constantly embarking on new challenges, Dion joined the publication in hopes of developing her writing skills. Fond of writing and public-speaking since she was young, Dion aspires to be a journalist and a news anchor.

Dion is also a writer for NTU Cultural Activities Club’s magazine, ArtJam, since last year. Her experience as a freelance writer and transcriber for various media outlets such as A&E Network has also developed her passion for writing.

For Dion, the arts has always meant something special to her. Outside the newsroom, she enjoys dancing to different styles and exploring creative choreography. She has helped choreographed several memorable dance performances revolving around social issues. As a theatre minor, she has developed the social awareness and ability to view dramaturgical choices in a theatre piece. Her favourite theatre piece to date is an immersive piece titled CAUGHT by the Singapore Repertory Theatre.

To her, “Breaking Waves” means to achieve creative breakthrough as a writer by uncovering stories from unheard voices.

Kenny Khoo, Lead Multimedia Producer

A third-year student at WKWSCI, Kenny is passionate about filmmaking and journalism.

The most memorable film he has made is a jazz music video he shot while on exchange at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts, earlier this year. He shot scenes in alleyways, trains and in the Berklee College of Music. Running around in a foreign land doing something he loves is an experience he will never forget.

In 2017, he made his first short film, a thriller titled: Egg. The film is about a vengeful kidnapper who has a twisted sense of morality. That film showed him all the possible mistakes a film-maker can make, and led him to truly understand what it means when people say the only way to learn film is to make one. His main interest at the moment lies in creating documentaries. 

For him, “Breaking Waves” is the constant challenge of innovating in the media industry and trying to keep his head up above the waters. There is always a high tide ahead.

Willie Tan, Multimedia Producer

As an aspiring director and film-maker, the WKWSCI Alumni Magazine is Willie’s first foray into a newsroom. He is ever eager to experiment with different forms of storytelling methods on a digital platform.

Currently a third-year broadcast student at WKWSCI, Willie is passionate about discovering new stories, retelling them through moving images and allowing others to enjoy the end product. 

In his free time, Willie enjoys browsing through his social media, YouTube and Netflix, in search of the latest content to binge on. Willie is also part of the founding team at, a student-run collective of content creators. Together with his team, he aims to  challenge the boundaries of storytelling through their films.

To Willie, "Breaking Waves" is all about challenging the norms and overcoming obstacles, which is what he needs to do in order to achieve his goals.

Sharlene Maria Sankaran, Multimedia Producer

A third-year History major, Sharlene took on the role of multimedia producer at the WKWSCI Alumni Magazine as a form of escape from her countless dreary weekly readings and gruelling essays. She enjoys binge watching shows on Netflix a little too much and should probably start planning for her Exchange programme in Jerusalem next February. She will be studying History at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem in the next semester.

As an avid photographer, Sharlene aspires to achieve her dreams of being a photojournalist someday. Her biggest dream is to be an Editor-in-Chief like Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada. Unfortunately, she isn’t sure that her fashion skills have reached that calibre yet.

To Sharlene, “Breaking Waves” means being able to push conventional boundaries.

Natasha Kasim, Lead Photographer

Natasha Kasim is a fourth-year student studying English Literature. She joined the WKWSCI Alumni Magazine as a photographer to gain more experience photographing different clients and personalities and to expand her portfolio.

Her interests include psychology, philosophy, fictional books, fashion, design or anything interesting that stimulates her brain and creativity. 

While Natasha may have sudden urges to travel the world, she always finds her way back home to Singapore.

She hopes to pursue a fulfilling career in the design industry where she can create designs that positively impacts society. Her long term goal would be to design and sell her own very own modest fashion clothing line inspired by her travels.

“Breaking Waves” to Natasha means breaking certain stereotypes and going beyond what society limits for you.

Nigel Chan, Photographer

A second-year undergraduate majoring in Economics at the College of Humanities, Art and Social Science , Nigel is a driven individual with an undying passion for photography. 

He was a content creator and photographer at online editorial platform DANAMIC in July 2018, where he covered various  events such as the Lion King Musical, International Champions Cup 2019 and Super Rugby. He now finds himself back at an online editorial platform once again, this time as a photographer for the WKWSCI Alumni Magazine. 

With a specialty in portrait photography, Nigel can certainly can put a smile on your face with his good-humored personality and wackiness. 

A wild spirit, he yearns to travel around the world. His greatest dream is to have a simple ride down Route 66 in a Kombi Van with lo-fi music running on repeat. 

Nigel interprets “Breaking Waves” just as how a business cycle moves. Despite achieving short term success such as hitting the breaking limit, we must prepare for potential set-back and keep our eye on the long term growth.

Cheryl Lim, Lead Social Media Strategist

Cheryl is a fourth-year student and the lead social media strategist for WKWSCI Alumni Magazine. She joined the WKWSCI Alumni Magazine as she did not want to graduate without at least trying one of the practicums offered at WKWSCI. Fresh off an art and design internship, she was curious about applying those skills in a newsroom setting. 

To Cheryl, art is a source of inspiration and therapy for her. She is also attracted to work that allows her to continue developing her skills in content creation.  Although she does not have a specific job position in mind for the future, she hopes to be able to contribute to the mental health field. Her current goal is to support her sister emotionally and financially for her veterinary school education. To unwind, Cheryl makes sure to go for karaoke sessions at least once a month.

To Cheryl, “Breaking Waves” means being able to go with the flow and never stagnating.

Loh Wei Liang, Social Media Strategist

Wei Liang has always wanted to be a storyteller and was always drawn to stories at a young age. Comics, animes and Taiwanese dramas were a constant in his childhood and teenage years, and he was obsessed with these genres. This ultimately shaped his dream of becoming a visual storyteller and he hopes to take a step closer to his goal through his role as Social Media Strategist.

Having lived an average life thus far, Wei Liang hopes that one day he is able to break through with his work and explore the limitless possibilities of interactive storytelling.

To him, “Breaking Waves” is about staying humble and retaining a beginner’s mindset when attempting both new and familiar endeavors. You can never be too certain what waves the vast ocean may bring.

Rachel Bong, Social Media Strategist

Rachel, also known as Bong, is a second year student at the WKWSCI. She enjoys creating fulfilling work that is applicable beyond the classroom, and appreciates the creative process behind generating new online content. With a keen interest in copywriting and content creation, she took up the role of a social media strategist for the WKWSCI Alumni Magazine to better hone her skills and learn from her peers. 

To her, “Breaking Waves” means being able to embrace the waves of change in life without fear, and more forward with certainty.

Jessica Tan, Faculty Advisor

Jessica is a journalism lecturer with nearly 15 years of industry experience. Over her journalism career, she has worked at The Straits Times, Channel i News and Dow Jones Newswires. She has also been a contributing writer at Forbes Asia since 2006.

In her previous work, she has interviewed and profiled people from all walks of life — from billionaire tycoons and celebrities to the man on the street. Some of her most memorable assignments include spending a day with Warren Buffett in Nebraska and swimming with whale sharks in Western Australia.

For her, “Breaking Waves” is all about pushing the limits, and living life to the fullest.