The WKWSCI Alumni Magazine covers the latest stories behind alumni, faculty and current students of the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information.

The magazine, published online biannually, offers readers a full multimedia experience through a compelling range of photos and videos. This is the third edition of the magazine.

In this edition, we launched the #WeeAre campaign, a new social media initiative that aims to embrace the different experiences and stories of alumni, faculty and current students.  

Krystal Chia, Editor

With the ambition of being a journalist since she was seven, Krystal completed her Professional Internship as a journalist at The New Paper. In her five months there, she reported on parliament, Budget 2016 and the Bukit Batok by-election. She also consistently pitched stories on a wide range of topics, from technology to volunteerism and entertainment reviews and commentaries.

The final-year student has also interned at Channel NewsAsia, producing the channel’s flagship interview show, “Conversations With.” She helped secure interviews with distinguished guests, wrote articles on global issues such as terrorism and the South China Sea, and produced episodes, including a World Economic Forum special.

#WeeAre unafraid — Our upcoming issue unearths many WKWSCI students, alumni and faculty who adopt a dare-to-try attitude, whether it be relocating to a new country, pursuing their passions or taking a road less travelled.

Jared Tan, Deputy Editor

Jared is a third-year student in WKWSCI, pursuing an interdisciplinary major in journalism, and broadcast and cinema studies. After dabbling in the writing side of journalism in his junior years, he joined the WKWSCI Alumni Magazine to learn more about managing a newsroom.

Jared joined The Nanyang Chronicle as a reviews and lifestyle writer in his first semester at WKWSCI, and spent the next two semesters as the editor for the reviews desk. He hopes that all those sleepless nights in the Newsplex have prepared him for his dream job of writing for a magazine.

A pop culture fanatic, Jared has dreamt of being a musician since he was 12 years old, and hopes to release an acoustic folk or indie pop album someday.

#WeeAre family — WKWSCI might be one of the smallest faculties in NTU, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more united and tightly-knit community.

Benedict Yeo, Lead Multimedia Producer

Ben joined the WKWSCI Alumni Magazine because he thought it would be a fun way to clear AUs. Fortunately, he was right.

Not only that, his time at the publication has been very fruitful. It has given him the opportunity to develop his skills in multimedia production, newsroom management and creativity. As his virgin foray into online magazine content creation, Ben’s experience has very much exceeded his expectations.

Ben recently completed his exchange semester, which saw him studying advertising at the Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich.

Ben loves films and travelling the world. He hopes to one day live in the snow-capped mountains of Canada documenting its natural beauty. Until then, he will be working a variety of odd jobs until he saves enough money for his next overseas adventure.

#WeeAre gahdai — We are that extra sugar rush in your daily dose of kopi.

Jerlin Huang, Photographer

Jerlin is a third-year Advertising & Public Relations and Journalism interdisciplinary student. She joined the WKWSCI Alumni Magazine as the photo editor to explore and expand her photography skills.

Jerlin enjoys documenting and coming up with creative conceptualisations on a range of different platforms, be it in writing, design, photography or videos. Her major passions lie in fashion, music, film and travelling.

Through various mediums, she hopes to translate what she has learnt at WKWSCI to create and tell meaningful stories that will evoke the conscious heart.

#WeeAre creators — We create the dreams we want to live in.

Tiffany Soh, Social Media Strategist

Tiffany is a third-year Advertising & Public Relations and Broadcast & Cinema Studies interdisciplinary student. She joined the WKWSCI Alumni Magazine to learn more about how social media can be used as a tool to drive readership and audience engagement in online journalism.

Passionate about local culture, Tiffany is driven to cultivate a stronger artistic community in Singapore by developing platforms for musicians and artists to explore novel forms of creative expression and reach out to new audiences. She is currently a Project Executive for Hyphen, an independent non-profit that conceptualises innovative and multidisciplinary projects.

In her free time, she enjoys laughing at memes, indulging in a cold beer, and dreaming about being a character in a Wes Anderson/Wong Kar Wai film.

#WeeAre challengers — We fight for the things we believe in and challenge ourselves, others and the unknown.

Atikah Hasimen, Multimedia Producer

Currently a third-year student, Atikah joined the team to hone her multimedia skills while immersing herself in a newsroom environment.

Working at the WKWSCI Alumni Magazine has given Atikah an opportunity  to exercise her creativity and expand her capabilities.

In WKWSCI, Atikah discovered her passion for filmmaking and hopes to make a difference through her work.

Apart from multimedia work, Atikah spends her free time learning to express herself through dance, and is an active member of Azpirasi Dance group, where she is exposed to traditional and contemporary Malay dance.

#WeeAre infinite — We are capable of great possibilities that we have yet to uncover.

Bertrand Tee, Multimedia Producer

Currently a second-year student at WKWSCI, Bertrand initially joined the online magazine with reservations as this is his first foray into multimedia content creation. However, the online magazine has presented opportunities for Bertrand to develop his passion for design by allowing him to bring his still work to life through the art of videography.

Learning on the job and being exposed to the world of online journalism made his stint at the WKWSCI Alumni Magazine a truly insightful and enjoyable one.

When he is not busy with school and freelance projects, you can probably find Bertrand sleeping at home or daydreaming about being a superhero in a random corner.

#WeeAre misunderstood — There's a common misconception that WKWSCI students spend a huge bulk of their time just having fun but the truth is that we work as hard as we play. Never have I been in an environment filled with such passion and spirit.

Cheryl Tee, Writer

A second-year student at WKWSCI, Cheryl intends to pursue a major in journalism. She joined the WKWSCI Alumni Magazine to hone her journalistic skills and is grateful for a platform to share the narratives that she has worked on.

Her first foray into the media industry was with tech website Vulcan Post. Currently a news writer for The Nanyang Chronicle, Cheryl enjoys the thrill that comes with working in a simulated newsroom, and hopes to have a tiny cubicle of her own at a newspaper in the future.

In her free time, she can either be found aggressively lip-syncing to a John Mayer song, or curled up in bed with Netflix and her trusty old MacBook.

#WeeAre inspiring — You can’t get more inspired than by watching a bunch of ridiculously creative people live their dreams.

Clarissa Lim, Writer

Clarissa joined the WKWSCI Alumni Magazine as she wants to learn more about online journalism

The second-year student also hopes to hone her journalistic skills and expand her horizons during her stint as a writer at the magazine.

Clarissa is grateful for the experience, where she witnessed how stories unfolded from start to finish, and how layers of storytelling come together to form an individual’s unique story. By working with different individuals and mediums, she now understands that storytelling is more than just about words.

She hopes that the thrill of chasing stories will always stay with her.

Outside of school, she enjoys dabbling with paintbrushes, playing the guitar and having hearty meals with her loved ones.

#WeeAre curious — Here in WKWSCI, the eagerness to learn is infectious, and you can’t help but spur one another to question assumptions and discover beyond the books.

Goh Jia Xuan, Writer

A second-year student in WKWSCI, this is Jia Xuan’s first foray into a newsroom. She hopes that her role as a writer will help hone her interviewing and writing skills.

The WKWSCI Alumni Magazine has opened her eyes to a new form of writing, and she enjoys speaking to WKWSCI alumni to have a more in-depth understanding of the life of journalists.

Passionate about writing, she hopes to either work as a feature magazine writer or an investigative journalist one day.

Outside of school, she can be seen reading novel after novel with a cup of coffee or tea by her side, devouring a range of text ranging from historical epics to chick-flicks.

#WeeAre colourful — WKWSCI is a rainbow of all the different coloured souls around the campus.

Heng Hui Mei, Writer

Hui Mei is a second-year undergraduate at WKWSCI. Her dream is to become a news anchor, reporting in both English and Mandarin.

She was an intern at Mediacorp's 938LIVE radio station in her final year at Ngee Ann Polytechnic. During her internship, she produced five interview segments, which were aired. Another memorable experience for her was being an emcee for competitions at the 28th SEA Games and the 8th ASEAN Para Games.

She likes telling stories of students and alumni who contribute to society for the WKWSCI Alumni Magazine.

On weekends, you can see Hui Mei teaching speech and drama at Lorna Whiston Schools or serving the Singapore Police Force as a volunteer police officer.

#WeeAre 100% — We give a hundred percent by putting our all in whatever we do.

Nur Humaira, Writer

An aspiring broadcast journalist, Humaira joined the WKWSCI Alumni Magazine to hone her journalistic skills and get a sense of working in a newsroom. The third-year student hopes to gain an enriching experience in her first foray into online magazine writing. The practicum has allowed Humaira to meet and connect with inspiring individuals who have shared tips that are useful for her future career.

If given the opportunity, Humaira would want to travel to war-torn countries and even refugee camps, to document the lives of the people there.

During her free time, Humaira enjoys whipping up desserts and experimenting with recipes even if it means a messy kitchen at the end of the whole process. Humaira has a sweet tooth and anything sweet lifts her mood.

#WeeAre incomparable — Each of us is exceptional with a unique personality that you can never find in another.

Prisca Ang, Writer

Prisca is an aspiring financial journalist. She had her first taste of the media industry during a five-month stint at The Business Times, where she reported on the macroeconomy and wrote features on Singapore’s small and medium enterprises. Currently a second-year student, she has also interned at The New Paper and campus publication The Nanyang Chronicle.

This is Prisca’s first foray into magazine writing. She enjoys listening to the stories of newsmakers and hopes that this issue will inspire its readers to pursue their passions and achieve great things.

In her free time, you can find her eyes glued to satirical commentaries and cute animal videos.

#WeeAre dynamic — We are always learning and scaling greater heights.

Jessica Tan, Faculty Adviser

Jessica is a journalism lecturer at WKWSCI. A seasoned journalist with nearly 15 years of industry experience, she has worked at The Straits Times, Channel i News, Dow Jones Newswires and Forbes Asia. She has been contributing to Forbes Asia since 2006.

Over her journalism career, she has interviewed and profiled people from all walks of life — from billionaire tycoons, celebrities to the man on the street. Some of her most memorable assignments include spending a day with Warren Buffett in Omaha, Nebraska and swimming with whale sharks in Western Australia.

#WeeAre the future — I love how WKWSCI gives me the opportunity to work with future journalists and media innovators. #thefutureislimitless