THE BLUEPRINT, Titan Digital Media’s newest lifestyle Youtube channel, is co-produced by third-year student, Brandon Chia, 24. 

Behind the Scenes with a Titan Digital Media Talent

Brandon Chia (CS’23) is a producer and featured talent at THE BLUEPRINT , a local YouTube Channel. Managed by Titan Digital Media, the channel produces lifestyle videos on creativity, fashion and grooming.

CEO of RSTN Consulting, Steven Lim, 54,  gifted $1 million to Nanyang Technological University earlier this April to help students in need. This contribution launched the RSTN Scholarship and Bursary Fund for final-year students.

Giving Students a Head Start

From struggling with finances when he was a student himself to now funding undergraduates across Singapore, Steven Lim (MSc (KM)’08) has always believed in life-long learning and giving back to society.

Tan Tam Mei (CS’15) on her flight from Singapore to Bangkok, taken in June 2021.

Pursuing Opportunities Across Borders

Despite the pandemic, Tan Tam Mei’s (CS’15) fervour for adventure motivated her to relocate to Thailand as a foreign correspondent for The Straits Times.

Chinese current affairs producer Tiffany Goh (CS’16) knew little to nothing about Serangoon Gardens when she first started working on the documentary about French expatriate families. But after two weeks of exploring the area and another two of filming, Goh now knows the estate at the back of her hand. 

Putting Stories Into Motion

From telling stories through images as a photojournalist to weaving them within award-winning documentaries as a TV producer, Tiffany Goh (CS’16) is always on the lookout for a compelling tale to tell.

Asst. Prof. Li (CS’08, MMC’10, Ph.D.’15) hopes his research in VR can help alleviate discrimination and sustainability issues. 

Bringing Virtual Reality into the Limelight

Assistant Professor Benjamin Li’s (CS’08, MMC’10, Ph.D.’15) research in virtual reality aims to improve societal behaviour in the areas of discrimination and environmental sustainability. He also hopes to promote the adoption of VR in more sectors such as healthcare.

Jeremy Ho (CS’15) started filming after sunset when working on “While You Were Sleeping” (2021). He planned the shoot dates based on the moon phases to ensure there was sufficient natural lighting, for places like MacRitchie reservoir and Lim Chu Kang cemetery.

Recapturing Lost Stories

Inspired by a series of photographs shot in deserted parts of Singapore from 2002 to 2004, Jeremy Ho (CS‘15) directed “While You Were Sleeping” (2021). In the documentary, he dissects the disconnect between natural and man-made locations in Singapore.

Despite his experiences with journalistic work, William Phuan (CS‘97) knew that it was not his calling and went to pursue his true passion for film and literature. PHOTO: XU MEI CHENG

Uniting Singapore through Literature

As Executive Director of the Singapore Book Council, literature is William Phuan’s (CS‘97) medium of choice in strengthening intercultural and multilingual ties in Singapore.

Speedoc co-founder Serene Cai, 27, outside her office located along Alexandra Road. Beyond overseeing the company’s operations, Cai also manages its public relations and marketing. PHOTO: CALEB LAU

The Future of Medical Services

Venturing into the unknown is starting to pay off for Serene Cai (CS’15), co-founder of healthcare startup Speedoc, as she sees her business grow and develop.

Visual artist Michael Lee (CS’97) explores his personal dilemma of attending art shows in his latest solo art exhibition. PHOTO: NURIN SOFIA

No More Excuses

At his latest exhibition, “I can’t, I have to go to Mongolia”, Michael Lee (CS’97) discusses his growth as a visual artist.

Matthew Mohan (CS’17), Yeo Sze-G (CS’20) and Amanda Bambby Cheuk (CS’20) were each rewarded for their respective excellence in the last year. PHOTO: CALEB LAU

The Winning Edge

Matthew Mohan (CS’17), Yeo Sze-G (CS’20) and Amanda Bambby Cheuk (CS’20) went the extra mile in their field of work and were each rewarded with wins in various competitions in the last year.