Cheryl Wee, CS'11:
"When Cheryl Wee graduated from Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, she didn’t foresee that she would be living and working in South Korea five years later. The 29-year-old has been a copy editor at The Korea Herald for close to two years... READ MORE ›
Irwin Tan, CS'12:
"Working at the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) may seem like an odd choice for most communications students, but Irwin Tan begs to differ. As a senior manager at So Drama! Entertainment, MINDEF’s in-house media and entertainment agency, Tan has worked on numerous productions, from the... READ MORE ›
Ng Wei Keng, CS'03:
"After his six-month Professional Internship with Channel 8 in 2002, Ng Wei Keng knew he wanted to continue working there after graduation. However, Mediacorp didn’t have any position for him then. For four months after graduation, Ng tried his hand at sales. “I thought the... READ MORE ›
Krystal Foo, CS'16:
"Krystal Foo is a Content Producer at OBW, the digital storytelling initiative of the non-profit organisation Singapore International Foundation. The broadcast and cinema studies major produces videos of the various story subjects spotlighted by OBW. Each video features change-makers from around Asia working in fields... READ MORE ›
Jeanette Tan, CS'11:
"Former Yahoo News Singapore journalist Jeanette Tan joined online news website Mothership.sg in June 2015. “I thought I knew what I was doing after moving to Mothership.sg but I still had to unlearn many things, and re-learn other skills from scratch. In online journalism, different... READ MORE ›
Esther Tan, CS'04:
"Five years after graduating from Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, Esther Tan clinched one of six spots in Singapore’s first all-women’s expedition team to scale Mount Everest. “Very few are given the chance to step afoot the mountain of mountains. More than... READ MORE ›
Ho Wen Long, CS'16:
"Ho Wen Long is currently undergoing training to become a Singapore Airlines pilot, a dream job he always harboured as a child. Just before the opportunity with the national carrier came along, he was a Director and Business Development Executive of production company Big3 Media... READ MORE ›
Cherylyn Wee, CS'17:
"After tweeting Uber about her 4.9 out of 5 “Passenger Rating” along with a witty review of their quality service, Cherylyn Wee was invited for an interview with the company and subsequently offered a three-month internship. “I'm lucky that I was in the right place... READ MORE ›
Adlena Wong, CS'05:
"After working in the public relations industry for five years, Adlena Wong decided to cut back on office hours to focus on her family. “Teams were lean and we were pretty much thrown to the deep end and expected to do everything — from canvassing... READ MORE ›