A Better Way of Tutoring

WKWSCI freshman Wu Linhan (CS’21) and his peers started an online tutoring platform to provide a cheaper and more accessible way of tutoring for primary school students.

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Primary school students these days often have heavy backpacks stuffed to the brim with assessment books as they shuffle between multiple tuition classes.

Imagine if these kids are able to stay at home with thousands of curated practice questions available at just the click of a button. That is exactly what Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information freshman Wu Linhan (CS’21) and his peers are trying to achieve with their online tutoring platform, Intute.

The self-funded startup was founded in May 2017 by Wu and three other undergraduates from various schools at the Nanyang Technological University.  

With subscription plans at $4.90 per month, Wu and his team are working towards making Intute as accessible and affordable as possible for their target group. Wu shared that the number of subscribers is low at this point, but he believes that subscription numbers will grow after their recent software update.

In May 2018, Intute will begin collaborating with five family service centres island-wide to provide additional learning resources to  primary school students. The tie-up will include family service centres based in Sengkang CC, Bedok CC, and Hougang Sheng Hong Student Care Centre, Wu said.

“It is not just about making profit, we want to give back to the community and to help people in need.”

Wu LinhanCofounder of Intute

He added that Intute is not to designed to compete with private tuition centers. Instead, the team seeks to replace physical assessment books that are easily outdated with a more personalised, and eco-friendly medium.

“Think of it as e-assessment books with personalised explanations that target student’s weak spots,” he said.

In order to provide subscribers with a truly personalised experience, students are required to complete a knowledge test that clearly evaluates their academic strengths and weaknesses. Intute then provides questions and problems on a daily basis.

Every question comes with detailed explanations from tutors. Intute currently has a pool of tutors, comprising students from Nanyang Technological University, National University of Singapore and Singapore Polytechnic.

Intute also provides their users with a homework helpline, where students can ask their  tutors specific questions and get a reply within 12 hours.

An entrepreneur at heart, Wu shared that Intute is not his first experience working in a startup.

During his days at Singapore Polytechnic, he started a student group project that focused on creating urban farms on top of buildings in Chinatown. The key aim was to promote sustainability and to increase Singapore’s food independence.

Wu was also the president of Singapore Polytechnic’s social-entrepreneurial club, Enactus, from 2013 to 2014.

After earning a diploma in International Business from SP in 2015, Wu decided to pursue a degree in communications at WKWSCI, focusing on public relations and advertising.

Wu said Intute was started because the team wanted to test an idea it had for a potential product.

“But then we realized it could become something bigger and more influential, and we are working towards making that come true,” he said.